Three to Conquer / Doomsday Eve

Eric Frank Russell, Robert Moore Williams
Three to Conquer / Doomsday Eve Cover

Doomsday Eve


The book is dated now, as the events described all take place in the recent past. Apparently the author was quite convinced that a nuclear war with an Asian coalition was likely by the 1970's, and the war would last until 2020.

The writing is quite florid and feels exaggerated. Most every sound, emotion, event or reaction is described in highly enlarged terms, making the writing feel almost apocalyptic itself. Perhaps that's what the writer felt would get the point across.

There are touches of 1950's era American exceptionalism and some overt racism in the descriptions of people and events, which is to be expected I suppose by a story from 1957, on the eve of Sputnik.

Events in the story happen in a very convenient manner, and the overall feel of the story is of a movie theater serial plot and dialogue.

Not terrible but probably not worth your time.