Blood Wedding

Robert Reed
Blood Wedding Cover

Blood Wedding


Robert Reed is a wonderful author, who often has thought-provoking stories that lodge themselves in your consciousness and force you to keep returning to the themes and characters again and again.

Then again, a few of his stories are unforgettable for less desirable reasons. This story, unfortunatley, is in the latter category. Perhaps it would be sufficient to note that the title is entirely accurate. If that title intrigues and attracts you - this one's for you! On the other hand, if you have a sensitive bone in your body... Run Forrest, Run!

My rating system starts with a rating of one star for a story/novel that I ranked "C -". Ratings move up 1/2 star with each step, up to 5 stars (equivalent to a ranking of A+). I reserve 1/2 star for works rated D and lower. This one is rated 1/2 star because there is no option for zero stars!