The Children of Gal

Allen Steele
The Children of Gal Cover

The Children of Gal


Quite a disappointment, after the promising start of the series in the first story.

This not, of course, a rare situation. There are many many ideas out there that will sustain one story, especially if it's not too long. But if the author ignores that inner voice, and stretches the idea out to novella... novel... trilogy. Well, it turns out badly. Does anyone remember the endless, unfortunate Riverworld sequels by Philip Jose Farmer? Even Gateway the award-winning classic by Frederik Pohl, was running out of gas by the time we got to the 4th or 5th Heechee sequel.

My rating system starts with a rating of one star for a story/novel that I ranked "C -". Ratings move up 1/2 star with each step, up to 5 stars (equivalent to a ranking of A+). I reserve 1/2 star for works rated D and lower.