Search the Sky

Frederik Pohl, C. M. Kornbluth
Search the Sky Cover

Search the Sky


A man is just surviving on a planet that is slowly dying. He longs for some more significant purpose. That purpose is handed to him when a generation ship arrives, and one of the planetary big-wigs decides it's time to figure out what's causing the planetary malaise.

Our hero goes on a planet hopping mission to find the answer, and encounters some startling human civilizations on isolated planets, which drive hin onward to Earth and the final answer.

In fact, the final answer is telegraphed early in the story, but we read on to see how long it takes for the hero to figure it out in his own way.

The writing is very chauvinistic and misogynistic, and the worlds investigated are simplistic and stereotyped. A decent tale weighed down by the chaning mores of recent times.