The Pendragon Protocol

Philip Purser-Hallard
The Pendragon Protocol Cover

Cool Concept. Lacking In Execution...


The concept is pretty cool but the execution is lacking. The plethora of mentions regarding Arthurian characters and their devices will likely make good sense - and appeal - to Arthurian scholars. For a general reader such as myself, it did little to drive the plot forward. And yes, I have read The Once and Future King, and I have watched the Excalibur movie. Still... All in all, this was a rather muddled storyline that left me ready to skip the sequels.

I also thought it an odd choice to have a seemingly omniscient narrator enter the book as a character. How did this character witness so much of the goings-on when they were clearly not present for much of it? If the viewpoint is omniscient, the storyteller is generally not part of the plot. When they are, then a first-person or tight third-person narration would seem appropriate. This just struck me as a strange way to tell a tale and it actually pulled me out of the narrative when it happened. That is never a good thing.