The Cabin at the End of the World

Paul Tremblay
The Cabin at the End of the World Cover

The Cabin at the End of the World


2018 Winner of the Bram Stoker award

2019 Winner of the Locus Horror Award

2019 Nominated for the BFSA August Derleth Award

I started this book with trepidation. Let me rephrase that, I have started this book three times with trepidation. The first time I got about 15% into it when I returned it to the library when I ran out of time. The second time, I took it out but never even started it. But it was the 2018 Bram Stoker winner and I am doing my darndest to finish reading all the Stoker award winning novels this year.

I wish I could tell you why this book just did not grab me. I adored Disappearance at Devil's Rock and A Head Full of Ghosts, but right from the beginning I was just not able to "get into" this book. The characters are well written and after a slow beginning with frankly some very clunky character development, the action really picked up. But I just struggled to finish this book, especially after the huge plot twist about 1/2 way through. After that, I just was completely unmotivated to finish this book...... but I did.

I was ok with the ending although not everyone will be.