Uller Uprising

H. Beam Piper
Uller Uprising Cover

Uller Uprising


A terribly dated and typically fast paced story by Piper, this time covering a native revolt against extra-terrestrial invaders who are exploting the native's planet for profit.

In this case, the natives are weird aliens and the invading coloniatlists are humans. As a result, the natives are seen as primitive, backward, mostly unsophisticated and completely incapable of seeing the inherent benefit of the Terran exploitation of their planet.

Once past that, the military comand structure is exceptionally prescient, decisive and coordinated. The lead character, who is also the military commander and later Governor General. is made to have extraordinary powers of military and political acumen. So much of what he decides is simply acceeded to one wonders if there are any other opinions in the entire Terran population.

Certainly the female 'ecology defender' character folds like a paper napkin when the revolt begins, and cowtows to the commander with nary a squeat of complaint about the process of supressing ther revolt.

And, of course, the eco-defender falls in love with the commander as a natural byproduct of her subservience.