The Return of Tarzan

Edgar Rice Burroughs
The Return of Tarzan Cover

The Return of Tarzan


This is truly "Tarzan of The Apes," part 2. I'm sorry I didn't read it sooner after the first.

Witness Tarzan's transformation as he leaves the comforts of civilization and returns to the untamed Jungle, his true home. This arduous journey is filled with challenges and encounters with evil. Yet, our hero's resilience and determination, instilled in him by his ape upbringing, shine through is not a simple shift, but a tu.

You'll enjoy this one if you are a Pulp and Comic Hero Stories fan. After all, ERB brought this genre to the pulps. With Burroughs, you usually get a romance; that's true here.

This one is a must-read for Pulp fans, but it's crucial to delve into the first book in the series before embarking on this adventure. It will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of Tarzan's journey.