Plague Ship

Andre Norton
Plague Ship Cover

Plague Ship


Another of Norton's intricately evolved worlds and societies, an encounter with an alien trading ship, bargains struck and relations built, only for the lucky traders to depart with something more than the wealtlh of the planet.

The story lfocuses first on the interaction between two societies and traditions as they set about creating a basis on which to understand one another and then build a trading relationship. Along the way, interlopers from space impinge on the agreement, and the traders must make every effort to ensoure their control over the wealth the planet offers.

On the way back to Terra to complete their trading journey, the crew falls victim to a sleeping sickness that imperils not only their trading success, but their very survival.

A great page-turner with plenty of meaty detail and conflict to carry the story forward from the far planet to the surfact of Terra. Well worth the time to read and enjoy.