Devil World

Gordon Eklund
Devil World Cover

Devil World


Two Bantam Star Trek books by Gordon Eklund; both took me longer to read than they should. There are similarities in the plots, as well - in each, a solitary man who seems to be fairly powerful leads the crew to the resolution of the problem.

Also like the previous novel, the author has a pretty good command of the crew. This felt like it could be an episode. It dragged a bit at the beginning, really picking up when Spock matched wits with the problem - which was fairly close to the end. In fact, at one point I wondered if it could be wrapped up in the very thin section of remaining pages in my hand.

This is the 10th Star Trek book I have read this year, working toward a challenge of reading 12. I may finish one or two more in the next few days - we shall see. In the new year I'll probably finish up the Bantam line and then take stock. I have read sporadic Pocket Book Star Trek novels over the last few years with friends. I doubt any of them would be interested in a full read through.