The Digging Leviathan

James P. Blaylock
The Digging Leviathan Cover

Good But Not As Clever As Intended...


Featuring a scattered narrative with a bumbling cast of characters muddling through various situations, this book is not half as clever as Blaylock probably intended. It is also not steampunk; more magical realism or science-fantasy with nearly incomprehensible 'science', (the machine works because Giles thinks it will. Otherwise, it is powered by nothing more than a picture of a printed circuit. Ummm... wut?!?). Nevertheless, the book does feature many passages of wonderfully descriptive writing. I also enjoyed the subtle references to The Anubis Gates by Tim Powers. I had heard they both independently wrote William Ashbless into their narratives so I knew to expect him as a character here - but the sly mention of Brendan Doyle made me smile, as did the even more subtle mention of a man with the face of a hairy ape. I plan to follow-up read Zeuglodon soon.