The Galaxy Primes

E. E. "Doc" Smith
The Galaxy Primes Cover

The 50s Goes to Space


A classic space opera with language, sex roles and morals based on the1950's era, heavily emphasizing jargon and slang. This is now jarring, as some of the idioms and slang are obscure and interfere with the flow of the story for the reader.

In addition, the writing is very sexist to both genders and most of the interactions between the two couuples are framed in the same 1950's style that the writer chose for the language.

While many works of the Golden Age are now clearly passé, one can still read about Martians and Martian colonies with some suspensiohn of disbelief. This work depicts the future as an extension of the foibles and failings of 1950s America, combined with a Great White Father theme. Combined together, they creeate a fossilized story with little current interest.