The Extractionist

Kimberly Unger
The Extractionist Cover

The Extractionist


Cyberpunks rejoice! Don your bionic readers and hold on tight, because our sub-genre has been upgraded to 2.0.

THE EXTRACTIONIST is a fast-paced, high-tech thriller about Eliza McKay, a woman that's been cast out of the profession that she loves - licensed experimental tech design for a government agency - because she pushed the envelope a little too hard and caused some major damage. Fortunately for the reader, this has resulted in her taking up her much more intriguing fallback gig, extracting people that get stuck in "the Swim" (fully immersive virtual reality/internet of the near future).

Eliza used computers and circuitry built into her brain in order to access The Swim, find the virtual version of the "stuck" individual, and rescue them back into their own body. She is the best in the world at performing this niche work. Now she's been hired by another government agency to extract someone very important that has discovered some dangerous secrets and is in serious trouble. The catch is that highly classified person doesn't want to come back quite yet. The stakes are high for Eliza, with possible reinstated licenses and brain-melting death hanging in the balance.

Written by professional game designer and code writer, Kimberly Unger, this novel is cybernetically sublime.