Tea with the Black Dragon

R. A. MacAvoy
Tea with the Black Dragon Cover

Charlie Chan the Dragon


Here we have the typical Charlie Chan mystery with only a vestigal remainder of the racial stereotypiing that predominated in the mystery/thriller genre a generation earlier. Just take a simple missing person mystery, add an insrutable Chinese man with unexplained detecive skills, change him into what appears to be a dragon in human form, and you have the whole story. You only have to squeeze in a few niggling little superhero abilities and the rest is easy.

Of course this is fantasy, and as such no one expects it io make much sense in the real world. So, on the basis of writing quality alone, it's decent and amusing. Because it is very short, everything moves quickly so the reader won't get bored. Just don't look too closely at some of the scenes as they play out. You might end up scratching your head instead of singing praises.