I, Robot

Isaac Asimov
I, Robot Cover

From darkly dystopian to humorous, a very important collection


Nine stories, self-contained but tied together by the the character of Susan Calvin. And please, do not confuse this collection with the movie of the same title. Built around the Three Laws of Robotics, these stories helped to shape the speculative notions of what robots might be. No-one can overestimate their influence in contemporary robotics and artificial intelligence research, and the contribution towards setting out the logical and moral dilemmas that face both humans and robots as machine intelligence grows more powerful.

A wonderful collection! From a robot on a space station that logically deduces the existence of God and decided to serve God rather than man, to a telephatic robot struggeling to reconcile contradictory interpretations of the Laws and so self-destructs when it finds it impossible to do so, these inventive stories examine questions about the dividing line between man and machine - the stuff of SF!