Isaac Asimov
Foundation Cover



Now that I am reading more and more science fiction of course I see the classics pop up everywhere. One of them is the Foundation trilogy by Isaac Asimov. I got the trilogy in old 1970′s Bruna paperbacks in Dutch from the collection of books my father left behind. And of course as with other classics, I had to read it.

Despite the fact that the first publication (in Dutch) was back in 1951, the story doesn’t feel that old. The main story line is that there is a planet, a society on the edge of the galaxy, the Foundation. It is built to shorten the period between prosperous societies (the main society, The Empire is collapsing) on the basis of psychohistory. Psychohistorian Hari Seldom has made a model of the future and the Foundation will help it along.

The book is divided in five sections, all dealing with different time periods, and different crisis’ predicted by Seldon. It is a very good read, an clearly one many other SF authors have read before starting their career. Four out of five stars.