Genevieve Valentine
Mechanique Cover



This came as a surprise to me.

I haven't read a book this perfect in years, maybe ever. Now words like these aren't given lightly by me but Genevieve Valentine has a gift with words. Her language entranced me on page one and didn't loosen its grip for a second until the very end.

And even weeks after finishing this book, I still feel its tug, its lure. I first bought the ebook and have now acquired a paper copy because this book is too wonderful to not be touched and loved and admired.

The characters - each and every one of them, no matter how unimportant to the plot - have their own heads, their own agenda and their own emotions. I loved all of them, even the ones I hated. If that makes sense. Valentine manages perfectly to hint at a lot and state very little. She doesn't tell, she shows. And she keeps the reader guessing all the time. But never so much that it gets annoying, that you feel lost.

Tenses and viewpoints are switched liberally which makes this a book that may not be easy to read but it is ever so much more enjoyable. Read it! It may only be March but this will be one of my highlights of the year and always hold a dear place in my crazy reader's heart!