The Stars My Destination

Alfred Bester
The Stars My Destination Cover

Gully Foyle is his name


Set a few hundred years in the future, The Stars my Destination follows Gully Foyle on his obsessive quest for revenge.

The book is set amungst the backdrop of an interplanetray war and, most importnatly, a society profoundly changed since humans learned to teleport or "jaunt"

I don't intend to lay out the over-all plot of the story, ror discuss the specifics..... let me simply get to the praise.

This book is brilliant.

The character development is remarkable. You come to know, perhaps, eight characters intimately which is an exceptional feat for a book this size. Thinking back, though, I can't even recall how it was accomplished... it just happens seamlessly within the story. The main character, Gully Foyle, you come to know most of all. Lovable monster? You can't help but admire what one simple minded man can accomplish when driven by revenge.

The world Bester creates is tight, perhaps flawless. There is a consistency in the human development of science and technology that allows you to appreciate the book without second guessing the validity of the environments.

The story itself is wonderful. It's just written so well. Scenes and situations never slow the story down. You'll never get bored. Had the story been endless I would have been content to just read and read and read.

Then at the end.... there's even a bit of a lesson. A good leason.

There are few books as hyped as Alfred Bester's The Stars ny Destination. Delany is quoted on the cover there is an introduction by Neil Gaiman, Joe Haldeman and James Lovegrove are quoted on the back. This book easily lives up to that hype. This is my first book by Alfred Bester and I intend to read many more.

If you haven't read The Stars my Destination..... jaunt to your local book store and pick one up.