Audrey's Door

Sarah Langan
Audrey's Door Cover

Pretty Standard Haunted House Story


Audrey's Door seems to be a pretty standard addition to the tradition of modern haunted house stories. The writing is pretty plain, and some tics distracted my attention, like the overuse of exclamation points. I enjoyed the creative and entertaining history of the haunted house, known as the Breviary, as it is uncovered through fictional historical documents. I was especially intrigued by the cult and architectural style of Chaotic Naturalism. The main characters, Audrey and her boyfriend Saraub, are not especially likable, but they have interesting personalities and life experiences. I didn't find the story to be especially frightening, possibly due to the heavy hand with which the supernatural elements are applied to the story. Overall, I thought it was a fairly entertaining novel that would probably be enjoyed by readers in the mood for haunted houses.

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