The Colors of Space

Marion Zimmer Bradley
The Colors of Space Cover

The Colors of Space


This engaging juvenile science fiction book was only the third that Marion Zimmer Bradley wrote.Young Bart Steele,a recent Space Academy graduate, is waiting at the spaceport for the arrival of his father,but rapidly is embroiled in a conspiracy against the Lahri,an alien race envied and resented by humans because they control access to FTL flight,jealously guarding the secrets of their fuel from humans,whom they regard as treacherous, ruthless and volatile.They even decieve humans that without Lahri drugs to sedate them,humans would die during transition to FTL.Bart undergoes plastic surgery so as to infiltrate the crew of a Lahri ship,determined to find out their secrets,full of rage and bitterness at the death of his father .As time goes by he comes to see that below the surface differences,the Lahri are people too.But he is in a dilemma,as human conspirators want his help to kill the crew.Where should his loyalties lie?

Of course it all works out in the end. Through courage and grit and choosing the moral route,Bart wins through,and there is a satisfying,if simplistic ending.

This is only a light,competently written juvenile book,but there is still enough description of the beauty of space,fast paced adventure,and a very likeable cast of characters to provide a nice oldfashioned read for adults.Very enjoyable