Tender Morsels

Margo Lanagan
Tender Morsels Cover

A fantastic dark fairytale retelling


This is a tale of three amazing women, their suffering and how they each eventually heal. Darkness permeates the entire book and while the beginning was certainly among the most terrifying and disturbing things I have ever read, there is always some beauty to it. Margo Lanagan's language is clear and sinister and evocative. She retells the old and well-known fairytale and keeps many of its key moments intact. At the same time, she breathes new life into it. Liga, Branza, and Urdda's life in the forest may be a quiet part but it is never boring.

There is magic around every corner, wild bears threatening the little family's peaceful life, and bitter truths to be learned. I was enchanted from beginning to end and plan to read everything Margo Lanagan has written. A gem of a book!

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