Sarah Canary

Karen Joy Fowler
Sarah Canary Cover

Sarah Canary


There was a foreword, and I can't decide whether I hate that foreword, or if it saved me from the very subtle nature of this novel's science fictional elements. I will never know. It felt like it was there in case the reader was a bit dim, and might not cope if left to their own devices. I rather wish I hadn't read the foreword at all.

Foreword aside, I enjoyed this book but I did not love it. I very much liked the bits of history and the feminism that was often present but never felt over-stated, conveyed as fact and statement, not as half of an argument.

And no, I did not love it but I can't yet put my finger on why. I think I need to read it again, to really get it. I feel the urge to write notes in the margin.