Zoo City

Lauren Beukes
Zoo City Cover

Zoo City


The Worlds Without End "Women of Genre Fiction Reading Challenge" asks readers to choose books written by authors they've never previously read. That being the case, I think the most important question to address in a review of one of these books is - are you now interested in reading more books from this author?

In the case of Lauren Beukes my answer is an unqualified, absolute, as-soon-as-possible-please, YES!

So...ya, Zoo City? I liked it.

The story's protagonist is Zinzi December, a former journalist turned finder of lost things and writer of email scams. The book sports a good-sized cast of supporting characters, but at the end of the day this is Zinzi's story. Actually, that doesn't feel quite accurate. Zoo City provides a window through which we can catch part of Zinzi's story. Like any "animalled" person she's carrying around a lot of baggage and history. Many things have already happened in her life before we join in on page 1.

Oh, "animalled"? What's that you ask?

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