The Hellbound Heart

Clive Barker
The Hellbound Heart Cover

The Hellbound Heart


At only 94 pages, this work come in more as a novella, that being said The Hellbound Heart is a marvelous piece of fiction. This story spurrned one of the all time great movie franchises, "Hellraiser". I only wish I had read this work prior to seeing the movie.

Clive Barker is a true master of the "short works". He is able to create images in the readers mind with a minimum of needless desctriptives, making his writing crisp and sharp. The characters are well developed, and the novel is fast paced, but the reader does not feel like they have been short-changed by the end of the story.

Readers who are looking for a written version of Hellraiser, may be disapointed, but I found that reading the story to be sven more pleasuable than watching the movie.