Clive Barker
Sacrament Cover



This is the second Clive Barker I have read and much bigger and more to get your teeth into than the first novel I read by him(Mister B Gone).

The central character is very interesting. My two favourite parts of this story are all the backstory and youth of the main character and also the supernatural elements concerning his alter ego/fox? (I am still not sure what happened in some parts, but for me that is the beauty and great storycraft that is going on), the supernatural also concerns the two characters he met in his youth and the impact this all has makes the story entertaining, ultra-creative and challenging to read.

Another part of this novel I really enjoyed was the long section about Will's(the main character) lovelife and relationships, he is gay and I have not encountered many gay characters or storylines in the novels I have read and I massively enjoyed this section of the story.

At themoment I feel there is more to be had from reading a longer Clive Barker book. Very enjoyable.