The Shadow of the Torturer

Gene Wolfe
The Shadow of the Torturer Cover

The Shadow of the Torturer


For 15 plus years I read mostly books by the same authors and nearly all of them where horror novels. A few years ago I decided to start reading both fantasy and science fiction. I found online the Fantasy Masterwork and started with the first book on that list - The Shadow of the Torturer.

So this was my first fantasy novel. I knew it would be challenging and found many parts of it really enjoyable whilst others left me confused and scratching my head. But I researched Gene Wolfe and found this is what his works are like. This is certainly a book I would re-read, there is so much stuff that passed me by. I have now completed all four books in the Book of The New Sun and found them all to be similar but also very different.

My favourite parts are the beginning before he leaves Nessus. I also liked the section when he met the pelerines, got the claw, was challeneged to a duel, the inn before the duel and the duel itself.

I lost my way mainly in the botanic gardens.

All in all this is a masterwork.