The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms

N. K. Jemisin
The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms Cover

The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms


A summon from Dakarta, her maternal grandfather and ruler of The Hundred Thousand Kingdom brings young Yeine to the Sky Palace. Ruled for years by Arameris, Sky is not only the home for aristocrats of Amn, its also a prison for the fallen Gods. The mythology goes that initially there were Three Gods and after the First War of Gods there's only one powerful Itempas. The rest are at the beck and call of Arameris.

Yeine's mother married her Northerner father against the wishes of Dakarta. Being summoned to Sky at this point of time can only mean one of the two things. Either Dakarta wishes to get rid of her or he wishes her to be his named heir. In both cases, her chances of survival are bleak. Yeine finds that even though the palace looks positively intimidating and her enemies are waiting at every corner for her to fail, there is another group that is backing her and their support could mean a whole lot, especially when its time for the final showdown.

A new world with a fascinating back story, The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms won my heart. However, it felt as though in giving the characters a front seat the world building took a beating. It's a part of the trilogy and I know there's still scope for world building but I wished we were given a better look into the expanse, dynamics and politics of the Arameri empire. The characters and their motives were very well sketched and so was the godly dilemma. The ending was a bit melodramatic for my taste but it went well with the rest of the story. I will surely continue to read this series and hope to see a lot more of this fascinating world!