Pandora's Star

Peter F. Hamilton
Pandora's Star Cover

Pandora's Star


I am so glad Hamilton went on to this series: his Night's Dawn trilogy was absolutely brilliant in terms of the universe he created (Confederation Universe), and so disappointing for the story (A reified Al Capone among other nasties? Come on!), that I did not know what to expect.

This book defied all expectations. It is BRILLIANT! His writing style is such that he effortlessly sucks you into the (highly complicated) story; his universe - the Commonwealth Universe this time - is impeccably laid out, and beautifully described. And all that is before you get to the real meat of the story. So far, much like the Night's Dawn saga - but he he does not veer off into mystical nonsense, but stays firmly on the tracks of a very good story indeed. With the best alien creation since the Moties - and which possibly owe something to the those beasties?

I could stay in this universe, with Hamilton, for book after book - it's THAT good, and so is he.

When he's not getting mystical.