Isaac Asimov
Foundation Cover

Foundation: It's terrible, but the 2nd one is awesome!


By the dust clouds of space, this is a dull book. There is a probable nondeviation of 94.2% that this book is just untagged dialogue between two old dudes, with no action cues, emotional context, or elaborative background. It's. Just. Talking. About. Things. The male characters vary from segment to segment, but the voice and context never change, which makes it difficult to differentiate anyone. To my annoyance, the brash obnoxiousness of some of the male characters are reminiscent of Heinlein's old white guy, Jubal Harshaw, from Stranger in a Strange Land.

I wish I could say better things about this book, considering the ideas are provocative and interesting, but the writing is terrible. It's not even writing; it's the scaffolded dialogue of a terrible play. It's dry, skeletal, and unmoving. Click the link below to see my full review!