Isaac Asimov
Foundation Cover



There is alot happening in this book. Some very big ideas and concepts. Written a long time ago it does not feel dated. I found out after reading it that it was orginally five stories put together which reminded me of another book and series I had read. Stephen King's Dark Tower. The first book in a seven book series(recently expanded to eight) started with a books containing five shorter stories. However these are small similarities as both series seem vastly different. Ihave read 1-7 of Dark Tower but only the first Foundation.

When reading Foundation I did struggle to read it. However this was my fault as I found it sandwiched between two other greats books. I had finished reading another of the best ever SF novels just before starting Foundation and was still thinking of this when I began. Also I had one eye on my next read, a 800 pages fantasy novel Ihad been looking forward to for years. This is something I will not repeat in the future.

There was so much going on in Foundation. But this I enjoyed and am looking forward to reading the sequels and then eventully rereading Foundation itself. To me this has always been the sign of a good book - one that I don't fully understand but know that I will definitely reread it and gain much more from.