The Dead Zone

Stephen King
The Dead Zone Cover

The Dead Zone


I read this book a long time ago and can still remember much of it. This was one of the first Stephen King novels that I read and was so impressed by it and others of his I read at the time that I have now read over fifty of his books and have more to read plus all the one's I want to re-read.

There is some politics in this book which will not appeal to some people but I liked this part. This is an early Stephen King novel. There are some very good horror parts in it. Intersting characters abd at times I found it quite a dense story, plenty to get your teeth into. Not among my favourite Stephen King novels but one worth reading.

Prior to reading this I had only read IT and I think Needful Things. After it I went on to read Pet Semetary and then The Stand. All of these books I did prefer to The Dead Zone. But I will read everything by Stephen King as he is one of my favourite writers and I always enjoy his novels.

A good Stephen King book that is probably overshadowed by the books of his that were around at the same time - Salem's Lot, The Stand, Carrie and The Shining.