Under the Never Sky

Veronica Rossi
Under the Never Sky Cover

Under the Never Sky


Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi poses a post apocalyptic earth future with fragmented groups of humans- ala H.G. Wells Time Machine future- some living sheltered (the Eloi-like)- in specialized pods or dome structures, while others are living as best they can in the new ravaged earth environment. Seen by insiders as "Outsiders" these are considered the Morlock equivalent of the primitive Savages.

The Pod-Dwellers (derisively called "Moles" by the Outsiders) are controlled and manipulated genetically to serve that society's needs. They are also constantly "living" through and in cyber-created "realms"- unfortunately these "realms" (which sound reminiscent of Tad Williams Shadowland's world) are not depicted as much as referenced. The trouble is that Pod people indulge/live in these virtual worlds (through an implant) so much that it is beginning to alter their neurological, physical & cognitive abilities (negatively) which has been secretly studied and identified as DLS (Degenerative Limb Syndrome). Secretly, because it threatens to bring this civilization down, and the powers that run it, do not want this information revealed.

The Outside tribes survive Medieval-ishly and have their own terrible times, coping with their brutish tribal customs, and the harsh environment, including the terrible, but beautiful Aether storms. These are some form of intense airborne energy formations that periodically touch down burning everything they come in contact with. The "Outsiders" also have genetic mutations- which gives certain individuals special gifts (kind of like the X-Men series)- but, generally, the enhancements are related to one or more of the five senses.

What does it takes to bring these two differing and antagonistic civilizations together? Two teens- each from the other side-forced into an alliance, suspicious and hostile towards each other, but wait -not really… they may seem to hate each other, but really, truly, they are falling in love! And since this novel is the first of a trilogy, all is not quite worked out at its conclusion.

The potential existed in this story for some good world building with solid consequential tensions, but I am afraid that those mostly got lost. Instead, unfortunately, the story overflowed with romance building, and I, for one, will not be reading the rest of the series.