William Gibson
Neuromancer Cover

Bit dated now

Birgitte SB

While I can understand why this book impressed back in '84, I don't think time has been kind to it. The most glaring disconnect for me was the lack of commerce in cyberspace. And what once must have been intriguing ideas like hackers who will stay online so long they forget to eat seems more mundane today. The language irritated me as well. Far too many descriptions were three words where one of the words was out of my lexicon and perhaps invented to seem futuristic. Those sort of touches were a bit overdone for me and getting on my nerves half-way through the book. And I must agree with 3Jane "drug use is boring". Too often one the character's motivation was scoring more drugs. Character development was weak. Everyone who lives is less desperate, but hardly any different at the end of the book than they when first introduced. As far as plot, I found the payoff at the end was ant-climatic.