The Prestige

Christopher Priest
The Prestige Cover

Worth Reading, Even if You've Seen the Film


The Prestige is an exciting story about two feuding rival magicians and how their obsession with their craft shaped their personal and professional lives. I enjoyed the novel, even though I already knew a lot of the plot twists from the film adaptation. A modern story, which felt slightly extraneous, frames the main plot, which is told through fictional documents authored by the magicians Borden and Angier. I liked the way these documents were used to give each magician a unique voice, and how their unreliability as narrators enhanced the sense of realism. I favored Borden's narrative, since I found Angier's to sometimes drag or seem unfocused.

While the two magicians made for intriguing protagonists, I wished Priest would have chosen to show more of their relationships with their families or friends. I think that The Prestige is worth reading, even if you've already seen the movie. The story and style are different enough that I was never bored, even though I already knew the general plot.

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