The Stars My Destination

Alfred Bester
The Stars My Destination Cover

The Stars My Destination


I read this over a few days while on holiday and enjoyed it. Alfred Bester has packed so much into a short novel it has so much to be savoured and is worth reading.

Strange settings and characters. Near the end maybe a bit too strange with all the weird writing that appears on the pages of the novel. Maybe a second read will explain this to me as Imust have missed it.

Another drawback to the copy I have is the introduction, this is maybe the third or fourth SF Masterwork book I have read like this and I feel they tell you far too much of what you are about to read. I would prefer them as an afterword and will now skip them until I have finished the story.

Aside from these two down sections I would recommend this to anyone and I agree it is probably one of the best SF novels ever.