Rosemary and Rue

Seanan McGuire
Rosemary and Rue Cover

Rosemary and Rue


I've always liked both whodunit detective stories and fantasy (I'm a huge fan of Terry Pratchett and Ankh-Morpork City Watch). However, I've never liked PIs & violence. Rosemary and rue combined all four elements nicely - I enjoyed the fantasy/whodunit parts of the story and disliked the PI/violence elements. How many times can you bleed almost to death? Within a week?

I've visited San Francisco twice. McGuire manages to create a mythical world I'd very much like to visit the next time I'll visit the city. Japanese Tea Garden and the shadows in the harbor will never look the same. I particularly enjoyed the way she described the faeries appearance and the curse Toby encounters. The whodunit is average (I actually guessed who committed the crime) but not too obvious.

(Roll-Your Own Reading Challenge 2014: Women of Genre Fiction)