Philip K. Dick
Valis Cover

Valis - arcane delusional theology


There may be a thin line between genius and idiocy. If there is, Phili K Dick crossed it. I read Valis because Dick is one of my favorite authors. It is the first book in a trilogy. I won't be reading the next two. If this were the first book by Philip K Dick that I had read, I never would have read any of his other books. If Valis hadn't been written by Philip K Dick, I would have abandoned it as worthless early on.

Dick is an absurdist. Many of his writings are weird and bizarre. Valis is bizarre to say the least, and there even are a few tidbits of truth, but, like many other things in life, it is ruined by the fervor of religion. Valis is an arcane exposition of weird delusional theology. Every now and then his characters peek out from behind the clouds of esoteric religion, only to be obscured again.