The Coldest Girl in Coldtown

Holly Black
The Coldest Girl in Coldtown Cover

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown


Most aspects of this book, I absolutely loved. It is dark and it portrays the really dangerous, scary side of vampires instead of just glorifying them as sexy undead that happen to drink blood. I really like how, while there is some glorification of vampires within society, it is a divisive topic that has caused issues. I also like that our protagonist is presented in a way that shows the downside (and the horrors) of it. It's nice to see a young girl fear the undead for a change.

Tana, our vampire fearing main character, is a bit sarcastic, always a plus for me. And even the side characters, I enjoyed. But, as much as the story worked, and I knew it would happen, I could not help but be a little disappointed by sudden the romance that sparks between Tana and a vampire. My guess is most readers of this book will be pleased with this, but after reading the dark parts of the book, I just couldn't help but hope that this would be something truly different. I really was hoping that the romance cliché would be skipped, but unfortunately (probably just for me), it was not. And it's not quite that I felt the romance couldn't work, and I actually enjoyed the male vampire's character, I just guess I enjoyed the first part of the book enough that I felt a little disappointed by the predictable love interest.

So, if you enjoy vampire books, I definitely think this one is worth reading. If you enjoy dark books, this book may also still work for you. If you want to skip any books that have romance with vampires, well, it may still be worth reading because the romance was not an overwhelming part of the book, and the rest of it was really very enjoyable.

AUDIOBOOK COMMENT: The narrator did a fabulous job. However, I was a bit jarred by the introduction of 'mood music' in places to add suspense. I haven't run into that with an audiobook before, and found it quite distracting. And honestly, I felt it was almost a bit of a disservice because I think Black's words did a great job setting the tone and suspense on their own, they needed no help.