Scott Sigler
Infected Cover



Every novel is not going to win a Locus, or a Hugo, or a Nebula, or a Stoker. I think anyone who writes or reads science fiction knows this. And I readily admit that I am about as far from a purist as one can get. I love reading crap. I have made it no secret. Some of the most entertaining novels I have ever read have absolutely no chance of ever winning any prize, and guess what I was no less happy reading it. Infected by Scott Sigler is one such novel.

This is an action packed romp down the alien invasion rabbit hole. Yes, the science is iffy at best, but who doesn't love a novel where the antagonists are microscopic alien organisms plotting mankind's demise from a man's scrotum, among other places, while slowly driving him insane. My God just read that last sentence and try not to smile!! This novel is chock full of blood and gore so it is not for the faint of heart.

The characters are all flawed one note anti-heros, but the alien voices more than make up for this. I listened to the audio version read by the author and he made the novel sup entertaining. It is clear that Mr. Sigler enjoys his novels and he read with such enthusiasm that I could not help but be sucked in. I plan on listening to the next audiobook Contagion with equal relish. Bring on the Alien Invasion!!