China Mountain Zhang

Maureen F. McHugh
China Mountain Zhang Cover

China Mountain Zhang


I really enjoyed this book! I picked it up for the "2015 Read Around the (SFF) World" Challenge, since it is set in a China-dominated future (and parts of it are set in China, a chinese-influenced Manhattan, the Artic and Mars - very much going around the world).

I though it was a beautiful story, with great characters and a very interesting take on a possible (not so distant) future.

If I have one criticism here is the fact that the book has several very interesting characters, from whose point of view the story is narrated at times, and who only marginally touch the life of the main character (Zhang). Many of these characters are left sort of "hanging" at the end of the book, and since the author made me really care abount them, I was disappointed that I am left to imagine their stories all by myself. A lot of material for nice sequels but, as far as I could find out, she didn't write them. If she does, I promise I will change my review to 5 stars :-)