William Gibson
Neuromancer Cover



I just finished reading Neuromancer by William Gibson now where is my damn cookie! I feel I should get some kind of treat for not abandoning this novel back in the 2nd chapter. Reading this novel was like going to a foreign country where you learned the language in a classroom. All the words are there and you should be able to understand what is being said but people are talking fast and in slang and dialect and really you are only comprehending about every 15th phrase. How are you supposed to enjoy or even comprehend what is going on in the novel?

I was so frustrated by the book. I went in ready to like it. But I didn't. It was interesting to see phrases that have become common phrases in their original use "Cyber Space" "Keyboard Cowboys" jumped out at me as the most obvious subjects. Back in 92' we called hackers "keyboard Cowboys" now I know why.

I'm glad I finished this novel because now i can check it off several lists. It's a classic. But I can safely say Neuromancer will be my first and last William Gibson novel, with the exception of Burning Chrome because I would like to see how the movie butchered the short story "Johnny Neumonic"

2 of 5 stars