The Last Policeman

Ben H. Winters
The Last Policeman Cover

The Last Policeman


This is the March pick for my Science Fiction book club. I didn't vote for it. I never vote for a book that's the beginning of a series, because if I like it, then that's a whole bunch of new books to put on my TBR list. So I was glad that it engaged me so well that I was able to put away my bias.

The book has a fairly standard murder mystery plot. A newly promoted detective is called to the scene of the suicide of a non-descript insurance worker. Everything seems normal, but something feels wrong to the detective. He suspects homicide, though he barely has any evidence. Call it a hunch. Everyone, including his superior, thinks he is wasting his time. Here's the SF twist: the reason no one cares is that there are tons of people committing suicide because a six kilometer wide asteroid is about to slam into the earth...

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