The Girl With All the Gifts

M. R. Carey
The Girl With All the Gifts Cover

The Girl With All The Gifts


Amazing. M.R. Carey has written a zombie novel that might surpass any I have read before, it ranks right up there with The Reapers Are the Angels far as that goes. I wish people who Poo, poo genre fiction in general and zombie fiction specifically would read novels like these.

Written from the perspective of Melanie, a young girl being kept locked up in a military complex after a fungal infection created a Britain full of zombies, with pockets of human survivors. To tell more of the plot would ruin the experience for people who are reading this but have not read the novel, so I'm not saying more.

The mythology of Pandora is referenced heavily in this novel, and a more appropriate reference could not have been created. This story reads so simply, but is filled with so much depth as far as character development and world building. I felt I was with Melanie throughout the adventure. Mr. Carey was able to create characters that were the most comprehensive blend of Grey. There are no characters who do evil, just to be mustache twirling bad guys. Even the most evil character in the novel feels she is justified in her actions because they may save the world.

The ending was inspired. I saw it coming (sort of) but was still gobsmacked in the end. I think it is a shame and a crime that this novel was not nominated for a Stoker or a BSFA. I chalk that up to "Zombie fiction" still being considered by many to be marginal writing at best. Thats a shame because this novel should be recognized.