The Girl Who Owned A City

O. T. Nelson
The Girl Who Owned A City Cover

The Girl Who Owned A City


This was a reread for me in my April's "Everything Old is new Again re-reads" This book is what drew me to sic-fi in the first place. Reading this book at 9 or 10 years old, I found it terrifying and inspiring at the same time. The heroine was a girl! She was my age! She solved the problems and saved her community! She built a freaking castle! Lisa was awesome.

Reading this novel 31 years and one reading of Atlas Shrugged later, this novel was complete Libertarian propaganda. And like several of these novels, it is not subtle about it. I wondered how I did not see it the first time I read it, but for all that, I still loved this novel because it lead me to years of great reads in a genre I love.

Thanks O.T. Nelson, wherever you are!