The Death Cure

James Dashner
The Death Cure Cover

The Death Cure


It's done. Finishing this series was like that weird swollen gland under your armpit you have been putting off going to the doctors about. You know you should go and get it checked out and you know its probably not Bubonic Plague, but you just keep putting it off because what if it is Bubonic Plague, or you have to keep going back for more and more tests before you find out the ultimate answer.

Well thankfully James Dasher kept this so-so series to one good book and two more to put his kids through college and then he stopped. There was no surprise ending, and it seemed a whole lot of steak for not much sizzle (Ok, I'm sorry I just mixed a medical and a food metaphor, but I'm just tired today.)

I will thankfully put this series to bed.