Edge of Dark

Brenda Cooper
Edge of Dark Cover

Did not finish for science detail issue


For the last two weeks The Edge of Dark has been the book I read during middle of the night breastfeedings, so it's been a bit slow, but overall I was enjoying the story until I got about half way through and there was a science detail so awful that I can't keep going. The sometimes underdeveloped writing I could deal with; The "transhumanity as villain" theme I could handle even though it's not something I really enjoy; But when the "robots" break the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics (and I don't even think it's plot-critical that they do) I can't go on. My time is worth more than that given that I won't stop thinking of it the entire time. Maybe this isn't something that would bother you, and if not, this could quite possibly be a book that falls into the "fun read" category.