The Boat of a Million Years

Poul Anderson
The Boat of a Million Years Cover

Row, row, row your boat gently down…


I knew of Poul Anderson ever since my younger age but never got around to read him. This is in effect my first Anderson book and, believe me, what a choice!

The book begins with unrelated short stories of the lives of various immortals presented through rich historical elements starting from early Phoenicia to modern day. Each chapter is a little jewel in style and descriptive content. Reading Anderson, in my case, required special attention and effort as his style makes the cruise slightly laborious. I invested the time nonetheless, as I was mesmerized with the chronicle of these characters and totally rewarded for my efforts. Did you ever meet an old fling from a few years or decades past? Anderson makes you feel the depth of emotions of two immortals reuniting after some thousand years. Character development and depth is the central issue of this book. You reach an understanding of their philosophy and their reasons to be alive, to stay alive and their ultimate quest and destiny. What Anderson provides us with is a lesson in Humanity.

This book sparkles and is not only a book I recommend for all Sci-Fi fans, but one to embark gently wherever it guides you. For these immortals, the dream becomes their life and they share it with you.