The Last Policeman

Ben H. Winters
The Last Policeman Cover

The Last Policeman


"He turns my way with doleful eyes, shakes his head, as if to say boy oh boy, huh? and I can tell he's about to try to talk to me, have some sort of human moment, and I don't have time, I can't do it. I have work to do."

That pretty much sums up this novel for me. Detective Hank Palace is alone at the end of the world. Well, six months before the end of the world. His parents died years ago, and although he loves his sister, she seems to be a fleeting influence in his life. All this man has is his work, and since he is a newly promoted homicide detective, solving the murder of Peter Zell. This what he has in his life, and that is terribly sad.

I loved reading this novel. It was tragic to see the world slowly collapse upon itself. Hank Palace is trying to keep his little corner of the world as normal as he can; Think musicians of the Titanic. This aspect of the storyline is even better than the mystery, which if I am going to be honest, I sort of lost interest in, about half way through.

I will definitely be reading the other two novels in this trilogy, just to see how it ALL ends.

4 of 5 stars