Stranger Things Happen

Kelly Link
Stranger Things Happen Cover

Stranger Things Happen


I find it hard to review short story collections, especially when I'm reading them over a long period. I usually like some of the stories and don't like others, and I can't especially remember which ones and what they were called. It's relatively rare to get an overall feeling from a whole collection, but I think I did get that from Stranger Things Happen, Kelly Link's first collection, and I liked it.

The stories are odd. Some of them seem to be made of parts that don't even fit together. Some are twisted retellings of fairy tales. The level of fantasy goes up and down. But they all kind of hang together in a way that, looking back, makes it quite difficult to separate the stories in my memory.

I liked it a lot, and look forward to reading more of Link's short fiction. I've given it 4/5.