The Wandering Earth

Cixin Liu
The Wandering Earth Cover

The Wandering Earth


The book features 11 stories, mostly about 50 pages each. The translations were done by Ken Liu - who also translated The Three-Body Problem - and Holger Nam. Four of the stories won the China Galaxy Science Fiction Award. I'll use the title story to point out some general remarks about this collection, and give a quick write-up and a hint about the subject matter of each of the other stories afterwards.


In a way, most of these stories are about the tension between hope and the inevitability of demise; and the insignificance of the individual when compared to the whole of society or the whole of the universe. In that sense, Cixin Liu clearly is an Eastern writer. The mild strangeness of these Chinese stories may well be an additional delight for most Western science fiction readers that crave Otherness.

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